Thursday, August 24, 2017

7 Day Gut Health Challenge

Peter and I have recently found some supplements that are really complementing our health and fitness journey!

Although it takes hard work on our part, we are extremely convinced of the importance of healthy eating and exercise. And I’m thankful for Peter’s accountability and motivation! (He can stay away from sweet so much easier than me. Grrr!) 
A few months ago we started adding some supplements into our daily health and fitness routine to help with gut health, and I have learned SO MUCH. I had never taken vitamins before, let alone probiotics. (Even though my brother kept encouraging me to!) 

I had no idea how our guts are tied so closely to so much of how our body functions and feels. 
I didn’t know that gut health impacts 70-80% of my immune system! 

Peter and I both are feeling THE BEST we have felt in I don’t know when, and Peter’s regular migraines are pretty much GONE. It’s crazy! For that alone we are SO thankful! 

At the beginning of September, I’m participating in a little 7 day “gut health” group for information and encouragement about how these supplements can help our overall health, and I’d love some accountability partners if anyone else wants to give them a try too! This is perfect timing for me as I really am striving to be at the top of my wellness as I take care of Zachary amidst being so very tired. 

Drop me an email at or comment below if you want to learn more!


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