Friday, February 3, 2012

Meal Planning Printables

I have come to LOVE meal planning.  I learned how much I loved it this week when I caught the nasty cold that the rest of my family has already had.  I was able to quickly assemble my meals and head back to bed.

Once a week I sit down and plan out a week's worth of meals.  I look at those meals and write on my shopping list page the ingredients I need to get.  Both of those pages then go into a page protector and in my menu/coupon binder.  Since they are in the page protector I can keep it and re-use that plan a month or so later and I already have my shopping list to grab!  I use a dry erase marker on the page protector to cross out items as I shop.   Keep an eye out for a blog tour of this binder, where I will explain more how I use these pages.  In the mean time, here are my meal planning pages that you are welcome use.  I have made available a one week page, a two week page, as well as my shopping list.  Share, print and enjoy!

Be sure to come back each Monday where I share my own weekly plan which includes a shopping list for you to follow!  Don't forget to subscribe to Mommy's Time to receive the weekly meal plans in your RSS feed or email.

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  1. Reusing menu plans and shopping lists is the way to go! Anything to simplify, I say. I'm working on a 6 week rotating plan myself. We'll see how I like that. :)