Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blood Test far

It's strange to be waiting to find a diagnosis.  Blood is drawn and while we'd like to find out what is causing Zachary's troubles, I of course want to hear each test come back "normal."  It's a confusing time emotionally -maybe I should say it's been a confusing year emotionally.  

We did get some of the recent tests back.  Once again everything came back normal.  Yay!  These were tests for his kidneys & liver.  We are still waiting on the genetic test which typically take much longer to come back with results.  While I want normal results, I know that this will only mean they will select more tests to run in the near future.  The waiting and the unknown continues.  

I love my little guy so much.  Today he was WIDE AWAKE at 4:30am.  He was so very happy and his smile made me not mind the early hour.  I'm grateful that God knows.  Zachary's struggles are not a surprise to Him.  And I cling to that truth.


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