Sunday, August 26, 2012

I could sing of your love forever

We attended church last night, like we always do on Saturdays.  I experiences a roller coaster of emotions throughout the evening, and a beautiful experience I will never forget.  When we arrived and I dropped of Zachary in the nursery, they had trouble locating his name tag.  It was finally found, where it would usually belong for a 15 month old, down by the walkers room.  It hit me that my 15 month old is not with the rest of his peers.  He's still in the infant room, with his major accomplishment being rolling over.  No sitting.  No walking.

During the worship, there was a grown man who must have some sort of speech impediment, or special need.  He was singing with all of his vocal chords and heart.  It wasn't pretty.  It was loud and very off key.  He couldn't get all of the words out correctly.  But it was beautiful.  Listening this man sing brought me back to Zachary.  I don't know what's in store for our little guy.  Will he walk?  Talk?  Sing? Know and understand God?  It gave me joy that this man (I never figured out who I was hearing) who obviously has some special need, can sing and praise the Lord.  I was flooded with tears.  Hearing "I could sing of your love forever" off key and with slurred R's was beautiful.  God was pleased.  I know it.

I pray for my little guy.  Although sometimes I feel like I don't pray enough.  But I pray that Zachary will surprise us and develop and grow.  I pray that he will understand the vast unending love of Jesus Christ.  I thank God for the moments that bring the tears.  The moments that remind me that God sees, knows, and listens.  In the midst of unknown, I am reminded that I can sing of God's love forever.


  1. Thank you for sharing...I was very moved as I read your post and you are right, I bet it was beautiful to hear that man praise the Lord with all he's got. What an example for the rest of us. I am sure too that God was pleased, and don't doubt it, Your son Zachary will, indeed surprise you if you trust that the Lord can do all things! Keep the faith and have a blessed day. I'm visiting from Living Well Wed.