Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surprised By Answered Prayer

I wanted to share an amazing answer to prayer.  I briefly mentioned a while back that money has been super tight this summer.  With Peter starting a new job and a bit of a misunderstanding with final paychecks at the former job, we ended up having to go a few weeks with no income at all.  We've really struggled to make ends meet and now are still trying catch up.  So when our couch kept getting bigger holes in it, I looked at it every morning and kept covering more of the holes up with a blanket.  It was pretty embarrassing to have piano student parents come in and sit on it.  But a new couch was the LAST thing we could afford.  I felt guilty crying out to God for a new couch when we couldn't even afford milk, bread, and diapers.  I prayed anyway, and told God my frustration and prayed for someone to give us a couch.  I think I prayed not expecting an answer.  I was used to covering the couch with a blanket and well, God surprised me!  I never expected to get a call from a friend saying they were moving and didn't know what to do with their couch.  I about fell on the floor in shock.  In the midst of trouble it's easy to feel like God's forgotten us, but I was reminded that He hasn't!  I'm still in awe of how he answered a prayer I really wasn't expecting him to.  The couch is used, not free of imperfections, but it's perfect for what we needed.  I'm humbled that the God of the universe remembers me, hears my cries, and loves me.

Grateful, and keeping my eyes on the Lord,


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