Monday, September 24, 2012

Menu Plan & Goals

Happy Monday!
There's something about posting meal plans and goals on here. It gives me this sense of accountability, even if no one is even reading it. We had a big get together yesterday for the volunteers my husband works with at church, and we have lots of leftovers. Nothing like leftover ribs and marinated/grilled chicken on hand to use!

90th birthday celebration for Grandpa - I'm taking two side dishes, probably a salad and veggie tray, really yet to be determined.  Probably something from Pioneer Woman! :)
Ribs, rice, salad, fresh artisan bread
Asian noodles & chicken, potstickers
Greek pitas
Homemade pizza
Eat out after church - our new addition is PeiWei!
White chicken enchiladas

I have only a couple main goals this week. I've been adding quite a few new piano students during the day. Praise God! But - that means 3-4 days a week I don't have the normal daytime to get housework done. I need to sit down and schedule out my days, re-thinking how I do things around here. Otherwise there will never be clean dishes or underwear!

1. Weekly Schedule Planning
2. Catch up on part time job responsibilities

3. Read to my kids every night this week - we were hooked on reading Narnia together, but got out of the habit.  Reading together at night makes the bedtime routine so much smoother.  The kids even go to sleep easier!
4. Rise with the alarm - 5:15!
5. Stay off social media during the day


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