Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pray For Zachary - and pass it on!

It started with a fever a couple days ago.  Friday night little Zachary and I were up 1/2 the night.  Fever.  Crying.  I knew what it was - ear infection.  After the long night I was very eager to get to the doctor Saturday morning for antibiotics.  What I wasn't expecting was the loss of weight for the little man as well as leaving the doctor's office with orders for 7 blood tests.  I mentioned a concern we'd noticed with Zachary and between the fact that Zachary has been stuck at 15 lbs. for the past 3 months and combine that with my other question, the doctor was very eager to run some tests on Zachary.  So - back to the hospital lab for us tomorrow.  This was a different pediatrician than we normally see, as only one of the docs is on call on Saturdays.  But maybe that's good.  A new mind thinking about what could be wrong.  He was very eager to think about what could be the problem.  I'm getting tired and weary.  I know this journey is just beginning as Zachary is only 18 months.  But I am just ready for answers.  Will you pray with me for Zachary?  Will you share and ask others to pray? 

Pray for a diagnosis.
Pray for weight gain.
Pray for muscle strength.
Pray for sitting, crawling, walking.


  1. I will certainly be praying for the little guy as well as comfort for you as you go through this mama! God bless you.