Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Momma's Taking the Night Off

They left this morning.  For the past 5 days we have had family visiting from out of state while celebrating my son's 13th birthday as well as my Grandpa's 79th birthday.  The days were filled with many hours of wii bowling, board games, and watching old black and white TV shows.  My kiddos got to spend more time than they've ever spent with my Grandparents and really got to know their funny, fun, quirky Great Grandparents who love them dearly and pray for them regularly.  We also had family drive down from Nebraska over the weekend so it really was a full house!

I will admit - it's crazy exhausting to host for that long.  Or at least for me it is.  Cooking for that many 3 meals a day for 5 days means LOTS of groceries and LOTS of dishes to wash.  It was worth every minute, but now I'm tired!  This morning started by saying goodbye and then washing linens, deep cleaning, and putting away that last load of dishes from the dishwasher.  While I hate spending money to eat out with a family of 6, tonight is the night!  I've closed the kitchen and texted my hubby that I need a break. I don't know where we'll eat but Momma's not cooking tonight!


And we will always remember this crazy fun 5 days with our sweet loving family.


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