Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Pound Heavier!

Zachary has big news for you!  He has gained a whole pound.  Praise GOD!  The short recap is that Zachary hasn't grown since June.  At. All.  Three weeks ago he saw a new doctor.  Nothing has changed, no diagnosis, but they told us to come back for a weight check in 3 weeks as they are obviously concerned about his lack of growth.  He's definitely labeled "failure to thrive."  So that's what we did this week, headed back in to set the little man on the scale.  I honestly don't know why he grew, because I'm really not feeding him any different.  But in 3 weeks time he has gained a pound!  My 20 month old finally make it to 16 pounds.  Ha!  We'll get there, and we're so happy for this encouraging step.

That's all, just sharing our excitement. And praising the Lord for answered prayer.



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