Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Week Meal Plan - January 7, 2013

I have yet to shop, but I have made my 2 week meal plan!  Here's to hoping to stay on schedule in 2013. Before I get started though, I must share a new cookbook I received for Christmas!  It's filled with easy every-day kind of recipes.  Between this one and my Pioneer Woman cookbooks, I'm set!

Taste of Home Fast Fixes: More No Fuss Favorites
Here's what we are eating in the next two weeks. I schedule in one meal out (typically Pei Wei - our favorite!) a week. Usually we feed the kids chicken nuggets and we treat ourselves to Pei Wei after church on Saturday nights!
1. Grilled fajitas
2. Garlic chicken penne with garlic bread
3. Chicken pot pie
4. Macaroni and cheese with sausage
5. Ravioli lasagna
6. White chicken enchiladas
7. Green pepper stew
8. Stick chicken in the crockpot with baked potatoes
9. Sausage spaghetti
10. Beef stroganoff
11. Homemade pizza
12. Pancakes & sausage
13. Scalloped potatoes & ham
Now to find time to grocery shop without the kids!




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