Monday, February 18, 2013

What Was I Thinking?!

I had a crazy idea today.  The kids were off school, Peter didn't have to work, and I suddenly had the urge to not cook dinner.  I remembered Texas Roadhouse lets kids eat free on Mondays and we still had a gift card to use.  That should equal a fun, almost free family dinner, right?  Well, the almost free part is still true, but the fun part?  Not so much.
How did I happen to forget that a sit down restaurant with 4 kids in tow is never fun?  Zachary cannot sit well in a restaurant high chair.  So we ended up holding him the entire time, passing him back and forth across the table. While he screamed.  Lots.
Travis is now 13 and thinks he can eat more than Peter & I combined.  He can eat a TON, but the novelty of ordering an adult meal turns him into this monster that thinks he needs to order as much as he can causing his eyes to be way bigger than his stomach.  After the argument of how much I'm willing to pay for his meal, you should have seen how excited he became when he realized he got to order 2 sides with his meal.  He about passed out with joy right there.  Yes, teenager, you can order a salad (which is his new favorite food) AND mashed potatoes.  Delight.  All is right in the world? Well, until sweet, precious, redhead daughter decides to burp.  Loud.  Yep, that's my girl!  Giggles ensue.
Meanwhile, 4 yr. old boy decides he has to go potty.  I pass Zachary back over the table to Peter & off we go to the ladies room.  Our food arrives and 4 yr old gets very very quiet.  Until I realize he should have gone potty again.  Five minutes ago.  Ugh.  Pass baby back across the table to daddy once again, even though said baby is now VERY unhappy and ready to leave.  Clean up mess as best we can and try to and head back to the rowdy table.
Daniel is crying his tummy hurts, Kaylee is done eating and bored, Zachary is crying.  All I've eaten are my mashed potatoes, because who can cut and eat a steak with a crying baby on your lap?  We decided to forget waiting for the check.  The kids and I were outta there and head to the car. Peter waits to pay and boxes up my steak.  I ate it tonight, after everyone was bathed and in bed.

Ah, the memories.  And I really am laughing about it all now.  But next time we're getting McDonalds.  To go.  


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