Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: REST

Five Minute Friday

Today's Prompt: Rest


I immediately think of rest in two different contexts.

I went to bed with a heavy heart.  A burden that could keep me up all night.  But I laid down, prayed, and closed my eyes.  God gave me rest and a peaceful nights sleep.  I woke up refreshed, rested, and the problem seems a bit small.  Yes, only a bit.  But I also have a peace.  A peace that can only come from Jesus Christ himself.  I know I can lay my burdens at his feed and rest in Him.  He gives me rest.  And I'm in awe and grateful. Humbled really. 

My mommy plate, work plate are full.  I can't stop the pace as the bills keep coming.  But I've also learned that I must find time for rest.  Rest doesn't come easy for me.  When I get time alone, I keep going.  I pretty much have to force myself to stop, relax, and be still.  To shove all the distractions aside and just be.  At the foot of my Jesus.  Being refreshed, renewed. I need to make time for rest more often than I do. 


This is my first Five Minute Friday.  Want to learn more?  Head over to Lisa Jo's blog.


  1. So glad you visited my blog! Rejoicing with you for the rest that you were able to get when you sought God. I love that He answers those prayers- even when rest is so hard to find He is so gracious to give us exactly what we need!
    May we both find our rest at the feet of Jesus- I know He wants to answer those cries of our hearts!

  2. Hi Jess,

    I can so relate to you!! I am a mama just a wee bit, (probably way) older than you. May I encourage you to rest and let Him lead. I have learned the hard way, I was very, very sick, mostly from pushing hard and pushing through the tiredness.

    I exhort you to follow Him and let Him lead, not fear, not 'I should', not anything but His voice. He never drives, only gentle leading.

    Praying blessing over you and your family and your sweet and tender heart towards HIM!! You are loved, you are amazing, you are valuable because of who you are in Him, never because of what you do.

    Sending hugs through cyber-space!!



  3. Rejoicing in the peace that flows from His grace! In the busyness of a momma's life I pray you find moments (even if only seconds long) to find a "Holy Rest" - a sabbath breath - in whirlwhind of life.