Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flat Feet

Isn't he the cutest guy ever?  I know, I know.  I think so too!  We love this sweet boy so much.  Zachary spends quite a bit of time in this exersaucer.  Not many almost 2 year olds are still using one of these things, but our guy is.  He loves the toys on there that spin and rattle, and that's great.  But I love this toy in hopes that one days he'll stand up on those two feet while he's playing.

The picture above shows how he typically plays in it.  Feet up - because he never ever puts weight on his legs or stands up. Ever. To be honest standing and walking are the milestone that scares me the most right now.  He has a LOT to overcome. So much so that I'm actually writing a blog post about his flat feet in the picture below.  Probably no one else will "get" my excitement here, but Zachary is actually putting his foot flat on the bottom of the toy.  He's not really pushing up through those legs, but this is different. Different that normal for him, and I'll take it!