Saturday, August 24, 2013

zachary lately

While we keep on waiting for results from Zachary's skin biopsy, we have had a very encouraging few weeks.  He has some new skills to show off!

Zachary is well known in the therapy building.  By the end of his Thursday session there were 6 or 7 therapists hanging around helping out and observing.  He's a popular guy!

Learning to pull to stand.

I texted this picture to my mom.  So excited he'd crawled and had his body on the first step.  Cute!

Well, I texted too soon.  By the time I sent that text I looked down and he was already on the 3rd step!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I can't begin to tell you how miraculous this is him climbing stairs. He doesn't stand on his own at all, but he'll push with his feet and knees to get up the step.  Gives me hope for standing and walking one day!

Our other milestone in the past couple weeks is learning to push up to sit.  This is a HUGE accomplishment.

Finally this is Zachary learning his first word at speech therapy.  She's making him say "ball."  
Now that's all he'll say!  All the time.  Make sure your volume is up to hear his sweet voice!

Praise be to GOD for these positive changes in our sweet 2 year old boy.


  1. The videos made me smile! So happy for his new accomplishments!

  2. Makes me cry, I'm missing out on all these big steps. Thanks so much for posting. Praising God for great therapists and amazing moms!!!

  3. Jessica, this is a big praise!Yes God can do it in Zachary's life :) So thankful tofollow his progress and seeing God's goodness in his life amd yours! I love my friend! (((Hugs)))