Saturday, November 2, 2013

breaking my silence

It’s been quiet around here since we received Zachary’s diagnosis.  I needed time to read, learn, and process. I've read the only book out there on Lowes.  The Children’s Hospital put us in contact with 2 other families with Lowes kids and I have chatted with both moms on the phone.  Oh how comforting it is to talk to someone who is walking the same journey, who understands the “Lowe’s language” and can relate in so many ways.  It’s also scary to hear the struggles their boys have and know that many of those symptoms may raise their ugly heads in my son as well.  I need to be prepared and know the facts, but I also have to step back at times and just live.  I want to enjoy the beautiful boy God’s blessed us with here and now when he’s pretty much healthy.

Every case is somewhat different and we don’t know what symptoms he’ll develop.  Some days I want to look far into the future and be able to ask my future self what life has been like.  Maybe more than I anticipated, the unknowns are still here even though we have a diagnosis.  I could turn to fear if I dwell on it too much.  But just like I said to Grandma yesterday, worrying does no good.  Worrying won’t change a single thing.  At all.

Good news?  Zachary continues to make wonderful strides in his crawling skills and has even added his own version of saying “bye bye” to his couple of words.  Our next speech goal is animal sounds and a few body parts recognition.  Seems impossible right now – but crawling and sitting seemed impossible at one point too!   

Here’s some fun pics from the past few weeks.

Enjoying a warm fall day

First ride in a wagon.  He was holding on for dear life.  
We were rejoicing that he could actually sit in the wagon!

Speech therapy

Zachary's favorite past time is making these silly faces, and laughing at himself.  Uncle Ron regularly walks over to see us, but I really think it's because he wants to see Zachary's entertaining faces.

My little monkey

Evening snuggles 

Pressing on.  Thanks for your prayers and love,


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  2. Zachary rocks! Love the photos and your willingness to share the journey. Praying for you and your little guy as you press in.

  3. Love your blog, Jessica. Thanks for you honesty about the struggles. Can't wait to get home and see Zachary's silly faces again! :-)

  4. ♥♥♥love his little face. .. so proud of him and his parents!!! He is growing up in a wonderful family!