Wednesday, January 1, 2014

my one word for 2014 ~ seek

As I sit here on the first morning of 2014 with my Bible and a hot cup of coffee I initially find it hard to look ahead.  As I look back I feel the weight and battle scars of 2013.  It was a hard year.  A dream job was shattered, family passed away, we logged many hours in doctors’ offices, and the scars haven’t faded.  It’s hard to look ahead when we’re still hurting and healing.  But that’s exactly what keeps coming to my mind as I look to 2014.  Paul said in Philippians “forgetting what was behind.”  Unfortunately that is so hard to do.  I sure haven’t figured it out yet! 

Something frustrated me as I look back.  What do I immediately see?  All of the pain.  All of the tragedy of the year.  Why do our hearts and minds do this?  Amidst the yucky stuff God worked in oh so amazing ways.  There was SO MUCH GOOD.  Zachary made so many miraculous physical strides.  We are so blessed to live with Grandma and care for her.  I have grown so close to my heavenly Father through the tough stuff.   I could go on and on once I forget the pain and look to the good.

So it is with the hope I know that comes from Christ Jesus that I look ahead to 2014.  I look forward to seeing how God takes the blank pages of the new calendar year and uses them for His glory.  For His purpose. 

On the first day of 2014 I am joining the One Word 365 movement.  I am forgetting new years resolutions and have selected just one word.  One word to shape my year as I strive to be intentional in 2014.  My word is Seek.  I want to Seek Christ first in everything.  God’s Word promises that when we seek him, we find him.  And whether my seeking Him is through His Word, prayer, or what I listen to throughout the busy days I want everything I do to be pointing myself and others to the one true source of hope, and whatever I need throughout the year. 

Happy 2014 my friends!

Seeking Him first this year,


  1. Hi Jessica I found your post through the seek tribe page, seek is my one word too. I'm so touched by reading your post, the hardships you faced over the past year and the hope you have. Thanks for sharing.