Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Intensive Therapy - Here We Come!

“Are you ready for therapy mania?”  she asked on Monday as we walked down the brightly colored hallway for PT and OT.  I’d quickly argue that Zachary has the best physical therapist out there and about a month ago she first suggested we consider putting Zachary in a 10 week intensive therapy program.  I trust her completely and know she has Zachary’s best possibilities in mind every time she works with him. 

Today is the beginning of intensive therapy mania.  Between today and mid-July Zachary will have 75-80 physical and occupational therapy appointments seasoned with a splash of speech therapy once a week.  They will push him 4 days a week. 

He will complain the only way he knows how – by crying. 
They will calm him the only way he allows – by singing.  

A fellow special needs mom and friend explained it this way “the brain and body just handle things better, retain things better, when there’s a flood of effort.”  I’m praying her words for Zachary.  I’m praying for his brain and body, trusting God for incredible results during these weeks of consistency. 

So here we go!  The work schedules have been changed to make this possible.  I’m on the hunt for an additional car seat for Peter’s car as some days I’ll drop Zachary off and Peter will pick him up while I’m at work.  We have a plan.  It will be exhausting – but if it helps my little guy?  Totally worth it!


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