Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Not So Quiet Birthday Presents

Birthday shopping is quite different with Zachary.  He doesn't really play with a toy unless there is a button to push with bright lights and continuous music. (and when I say continuous, I mean it!)  We have a giant bucket of toys that just sit while he plays with just his select few.  A select few that I've already changed the batteries in countless times!

So we gave him an activity table complete with countless lights, plenty of buttons and lots of noise and music. But the catch is he has to at least pull up to his knees or stand to reach.  Any way we can force him to use his sleepy weak muscles is a plus!

Lowe Syndrome kids can have autistic tendencies, some of which show up in Zachary in the way he plays - or doesn't play.  His favorite activities include repetitively slamming a door, twanging the door stopper, and tapping on walls.  He could spend hours at that door stopper at the top of our stairs.

His other gift was my husband's best idea ever and I think we could probably sell these.  Zachary loves this...I don't know what you'd call it. Zachary's love of door stoppers turned into a toy?  My Lowe Syndrome boy's dream come true!

Why I have no pictures of him using it?  I have no idea!  Other than it may have driven me crazy and I left the room.  Because he can make those door stoppers play for the length of a Beethoven Sonata before he moves on.  

I'm thankful for the banging, twanging, slamming, and the challenge of having to think outside of the box for present for little Z.  He's a blessing and joy!


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