Friday, August 22, 2014

new nephrologist & kidney stones

Last Friday we drove to Denver to see a new nephrologist for Zachary.  Kidneys are a big factor in Lowe Syndrome and the past nephrologist we’d seen had the “come see us when something big shows up” attitude.  One thing I've learned so far being a parent to special needs kiddos is that parents truly have to take charge of their child’s healthcare.  If your gut tells you to get a 2nd opinion?  Do it!  If you’re not happy with a doctor?  Switch!  If you have a concern?  Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to call and talk to a doctor or nurse!  Thanks to the recommendation of another LS mom, and after the long referral/getting an appointment process, we saw a new doctor last week. 

The experience in that doctors’ office was pretty much like nothing we’d been through so far.  We listened to Dr. Banks tell us she’s worked with LS kids before.  Albeit just a handful of LS kids that she’s seen, that’s a first to have a doctor already know LS and understand.  She already knows what to look for.  She looked at past lab work on Zachary and already saw a concern no other doctors had noticed before.  She ordered tests we’d been wanting to have done for several months now.  I kept picking my jaw up off the floor and probably smiled way too much in that cramped little room.  I wanted to cry and hug her and tell her she was a gift from God, but didn't think I should scare her off right away! J 

In the past few days lab work and an ultrasound have been done and we have more labs and a blood pressure check early next week.  Yesterday we got the call that Zachary’s little kidneys are already beginning to form kidney stones.  Ugh.  He’ll have a follow up ultrasound to re-check in a few months.

He’s started a new medicine that is typically given as heart medicine.  We are trying it with Zachary as it can help his kidneys slow down their leaking of certain proteins.  I give him the heart/kidney medicine multiple times a day and every time I give it to him I pray it doesn't mess with his blood pressure.  (Thus the blood pressure check next week) 

My little boy is in God’s hands and I praise Him for the new doctor, new tests, and eyes on lab results that saw things other docs hadn't noticed.  God’s got my boy!  This I know.


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