Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Simply Fit in the New Year

It's that time of year again.

People are setting their New Years resolutions and this year so many are jumping on the  One Word bandwagon. I've had a few different "one words" throughout the years and this year's word is one that I just couldn't get off my heart and mind. Consistency. There's many parts of my life which could use a bit more consistency whether it's in my parenting, homemaking, work, internet aspirations, and fitness.

Later I may expound more on how I'm setting little consistency goals this year. But today lets talk health and fitness.

If you've followed my weight loss journey at all throughout the past year you probably know that I found a way to drop a lot of weight. Hooray!

In the past year, though, I learned how to put a portion of that weight back on. Boo!

Basically I lost momentum and consistency. Busyness and laziness crept in. I'd take a day or two off of exercising, skip a day logging my food, and BAM! It's amazing how quickly old attitudes and habit can creep back in. I'd start and stop "eating right again" all the while being okay with cookies after school with the kids or going back for another scoop of seconds.

If you followed my Simply Fit posts from last year I talked about some of the small simple steps that can build on each other to make some great healthy progress. It's time to start the new year off with those goals again. I need little attainable goals to build on if I'm going to stay consistent. I'm not successful with big new years resolutions that will be easy to quit in a day or two.

Here's what we've discussed so far...

Step 1: Increasing Water and Decreasing Sugar

Step 2: Increasing Clean Foods and Decreasing Processed Foods

Step 3: Increase Stamina and Decrease Your Expectations

Step 4: Increase Support and Decrease a Negative Attitude

DON'T try to do this alone. You will find it so hard to commit and be consistent. We all need the support of others to see these lofty weight loss or healthy eating goals make a difference. I find my negative attitude and wanting to quit rush in just a few days into my "fresh start" if I'm all on my own.

2 Steps to Increase Fitness Support

1. Take someone with you

Starting to walk each evening? Ask a neighbor to join you!

Planning to go to the gym every morning? As a friend to meet you there!

Waking up early and sneaking downstairs before the kids wake up to exercise in the living room? Text a friend when you're done and tell them to check in if they haven't heard from you!

My husband is my "someone" doing this with me. We workout together in our living room most evenings. Knowing one of us will be the motivated one and drag the other in front of that TV is what I need. I also have a friend who texts me every morning to let me know she's finished her workout. Because 2 are better than 1 when it comes to keeping those fit goals.

2. Online support

When I was at my heaviest weight, I found my first glimmer of motivation from an online challenge. It was a simple challenge that just required signing up, printing off the exercise tracker, and using a specific hashtag on twitter. The steps were easy and I found motivation and support from following the hashtag and seeing others pushing to the end as well. I logged 1800 minutes of walking and exercise during those few months - a massive accomplishment for me at the time.

After that first challenge I joined a large Facebook group all about support, education, and accountability. I was always eager to log into the large group and let everyone know I did it - I made it through another day of exercise. In that group I learned how to eat, what to eat, and had coaches teaching me along the way. I'm still in that large group and we cheer each other on every day.

In addition to being a part of the large fitness group on Facebook, I also have gone through seasons of leading small online groups and also have a teeny group of 3 of us who log in each day to say we worked out and what we ate. Again - it's knowing someone else is doing it too and they're keeping you accountable.

We are so blessed to live in 2017 and have so much online education and support at our fingertips. Take advantage of it!

**So that's your challenge for the next week. Find the support you need. You'll lose that negative attitude and hopefully stick with it longer to reach those goals to the better you.

I'll share later this week a couple of online support options you can jump into with me. But if these tips sparked ideas, jump on it! Phone that friend and get your bodies moving today!

I'm here if you need someone. I'm cheering for you!