Friday, March 3, 2017

Life Lately + an EEG Update

We're 3 days into March and I spent some time this morning looking back on February. February opened it's door with GOOD NEWS! I received a call early on February 1 that Zachary's EEG results were looking NORMAL!

While he most likely experienced a seizure in mid January, everything looked great from his morning of testing. We just continue to watch for another episode but it could hopefully be a long time before we see anything worrying again.

As I was organizing medical supplies in Zachary's room a few weeks ago I came across Zachary's very first pair of glasses. He received these after his eye surgeries and after his eyes had healed for a couple weeks so I think he got these first pair of tiny glasses when he was around 10 or 11 weeks old. Small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and still covered in baby formula stains, these tiny metal-framed glasses are a treasure. They remind me of a time so early on when we knew nothing of Lowe Syndrome or what our little boy would face.

I renewed some health and fitness goals in February. While my workouts had been consistent, my nutrition needed an overhaul once again and I needed to push a little harder to break through a plateau and regain my weight loss progress. 

It has been so much fun working through the Insanity workouts. They're oh-so-tough and I feel my lungs burning for the entire 40 minutes. But I can feel my endurance growing and my backside re-shaping if I do say so myself. Pressing hard into cardio is not what I call fun, but it's strangely become something I wake up looking forward to each day. 

I may have lost my mind! :)

Our brand new Starbucks is OPEN! With our gift cards in hand, I was excited to go for coffee on the morning the coffee shop opened.

Peter and I were one of the first in the store that morning and may have been seen sitting in each of the comfy chairs one at a time so our bums were the first in the chairs. Yep. That's us.

"My" new Starbucks is close to home, on the way to therapy, and a super place to take my girl for her to work on her school work.

Besides Starbucks, I have a favorite new homemade drink - Raspberry Good Girl Moonshine! I wrote about it earlier this week so get the recipe and try it yourself!

We just need a more "manly" name for it as Peter takes a mug full back to work with him every afternoon after lunch and the name Good Girl Moonshine just isn't very manly. Ideas?

February also brought the launch of Special Needs Life Hacks! My friend Melissa and I have been having so much fun putting out bi-weely posts and webinars to build up an online library for parents just starting out on the special needs or pediatric medical journey. 

This new project is several years in the making in both Melissa's and my hearts and it's fun to see how God brought us both together and started us on this adventure. 

Check out Preparing for Doctor Visits or Organizing Medical Supplies and share with anyone you think might be blessed by the content. I have a post coming with much more in depth pictures on the Organizing Medical Supplies topic so keep an eye out for that!

We had a birthday in our family this month! Daniel turned 9 and we pulled out all the stops. A homemade bounce house with our trampoline, hundreds of balloons, and the Lego Batman Movie were the highlights.

This kid. I am not exaggerating when I say he's always smiling and always crazy. He's such a joy to have in our family. Happy birthday Daniel!

We made a fun video of our celebrations HERE. Take a look!

There are so many more pictures on my phone from the month of February that I could talk about but I think this post has become long enough. I'm thankful for the fun, the memories, and looking back at how God has walked with us once again through another month.

You can always check out our YouTube channel to see in real time much of what I have shared here. We are having a blast getting our channel started and will be spending our 2017 making memories through the good and the bad of what may be ahead.

Will you walk with us? You can subscribe to our channel HERE.

We actually met our first milestone of 100 subscribers! Now for 1,000...!

Have a great March!




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