Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall Friday Favorites

The mornings are getting cooler and I pulled out my favorite hoodie this morning when I walked Daniel to school. I just love the change in seasons. Isn't God so creative?

Here are some Fall Friday Favorites for you!


I don't think I need to say much with this one other than isn't this adorable? You can find it on Amazon. Anyone else sneak out for a PSL at Starbucks this week?


I absolutely adore Shay Shull from the Mix and Match Mama blog and am so excited for her newest cookbook to release just in time for Fall and Winter. I'm definitely ready for some fresh new slow-cooker recipes. Shay's book Simmers releases October 3, you can pre-order it now HERE! I have no doubt it will be filled with tremendous recipes.


We are definitely a board game family. Our idea of a perfect Friday night is popcorn, hot chocolate and coffee, and the 5 of us surrounding the kitchen table playing a game. We pulled out Aggravation last week and the kids just can't stop! This actual board was one we had when I was a kid but you can find a new one HERE.


We're not quite there yet, but when the weather gets chilly and the kids want to hang out inside, we often pull out the gel pens and coloring books. THIS GEL PEN SET with 100 pens is on sale on Amazon right now! 


If you need a coloring book to go with those gel pens, how cute is THIS ONE?


Finally, it's my favorite "Favorite" of this week.

Pretty much anytime you browse online whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or an add on a website, cute t-shirts with fun saying are everywhere. I'm sure I'm not the only one to gravitate towards the cuteness. Hey - I have a shirt that says "Rock that Top Knot!" Any mom can relate to that one, am I right? 

We have fallen in love with the clothing line NHim Apparel. They aren't just a clothing line with an online shop and a store in the mall. They have a purpose and a mission and our family is 100% behind them. 

Someone from the NHim store praying for us in the middle of the mall after just learning Zachary was going to have major surgery was a moment I will never ever forget.

If you're looking for something good for Fall to add to your wardrobe, check them out! Peter's Colorado NHim hoodie is his favorite.

Here's a little bit taken from the NHim website...

"To sum it up, we are a premium Christian clothing brand for men & women – promoting others to become everyday missionaries through casual conversations. These conversations can often happen over something as simple as a t-shirt or hat. We believe in being givers - giving back to build orphanages with a portion of the proceeds from every sale to give children a future filled with hope.  We also are helping underprivileged families globally. 

We accomplish all of this through high-quality clothing, pushing the envelope on creativity & design, and providing something for everyone. Our products range from our own unique and premium t-shirts, casual clothing, dresses, hats, accessories, jewelry, signs, candles and more. We also believe in the power of prayer, and we pray for our customers in store."  

Happy Friday friends! 
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I love that shirt and that hymn is my favorite! I have never heard of Aggravation the game so I need to check it out. Yep, got a PSL! xo