Sunday, November 19, 2017

Life Lately // A Zachary Health Update

I'm well overdue for another life lately post. The last time I left you was a couple months ago when we were deep in the throes of Zachary's hip surgery recovery. I'm definitely happy to say those days are behind us! Zachary's hips have healed nicely and new bone is growing in where they cut and moved things around in there. He has had regular X-rays to re-check and we've been cleared to not go back to the see the surgeon for another 6 months where at that time they'll begin the talk about his follow up surgery. Yes you read that right - he requires another surgery approximately a year after the initial surgery to remove the plates and screws they have put in. 

Recovering and re-gaining his walking and standing skills have been a bit harder that expected. He's re-learned to crawl but had some progress delays due to unexpected issues with his feet. We will be getting new foot braces next week to hopefully help his feet. 

I am happy to say that we witnessed a little miracle this morning as he briefly stood on both feet! I quickly snapped the picture below before he knew I saw what he was doing. That's a HUGE little glimmer of hope in that picture. He'll get back to walking was eventually, I just know it. 

While we're talking about Zachary, I'll try to quickly share our last couple of weeks. Zachary seemed to come down with a stomach bug on a Saturday night and by morning was showing significant signs of dehydration. Due to his kidney concerns, the kidney doctor quickly got involved and asked us to go to the emergency room. After several hours of fluids and lab work, we were sent on our way.

Unfortunately the dehydration didn't improve and we were sent back to the emergency room 2 more times that week before they admitted us for a 4 night stay. After other symptoms began presenting themselves, additional tests were run and we learned Zachary had C-diff. C-diff is a very nasty "super bug" that can be commonly caught by those frequenting a hospital or who have weakened immune systems after antibiotics. While C-diff can be quite hard on the kidneys, Zachary's kidneys seemed to have hung in there nicely. We're not exactly sure when or how he caught the nasty bug but thankfully with some strong antibiotics Z seems on the mend. 

The only remedy to kill the nasty bacteria spores that can linger on a surface from months to a full year is bleach. Needless to say, I've been on a bleach disinfecting rampage and have even had nightmares about the pesky germs. 

We are grateful God has protected Zachary's kidneys amidst a week of frustrating dehydration and the C-diff bug and we are pretty much staying away from people and germs for the next while. It's somewhat common for the illness to return and so we are being extra cautious to keep Zachary and his weakened immune system safe and healthy.  When you have a kiddo that's extra fragile, many things are simply not worth the risks!

Want a glimpse into our days? We've been picking up the vlogging camera again and you can see a little bit of our hospital stays on our YouTube channel or check out the video up here ^^^ or down below! 

Want to not miss a vlog? Head to our actual YouTube channel and you can click "subscribe" and then the little "bell" in the corner to be notified any time we post a video.

Needless to say life has pretty much revolved around Zachary's health for the past several months, but we are doing our best to make sure we find time with the other kids as well. They have all been so patient, caring, and helpful as we navigate what has been an unusually hard 4 months. 

If I could give you one quick piece of advice whether you have a special needs child or really any other things in life distracting you, it's to not forget to make time for the others in your life who need you. It may mean saying no to others and other activities, but in this moment here and now the most important people we need to be pouring into are those 3 big kids right there.

Something fun? We found a gem of a hiking place yesterday.  I have no idea why we've lived here for so long and have never ventured this this park. But it's now our little secret place that I have a feeling we'll sneak away to often. 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week! We're looking forward to the "hopefully" quiet week ahead.


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