Saturday, April 21, 2018

Vegan Vampire Juice

I have no idea where that silly quote originated from, but it definitely paints a vivid picture in my mind! My husband Peter and I have been diving deep into educating ourselves on our guts and how gut health affects everything about the rest of our bodies. While I have spent time lately learning from library books and blog posts from doctors and professionals, I have been ultimately reminded that GOD made our bodies complex, intricate, and so very efficient. 

Nutrition, cleaning up our eating habits, and thinking more about what exactly we're putting into our bodies has been our focus lately. We're eliminating sugar, carefully choosing grains, drinking our Pink Drink, taking probiotics and vitamins, daily drinking our Taco Tea, and last week we re-entered the world of juicing!

I would like to take this moment to introduce you to the newest member of our morning routine - Vampire Vegan Juice! (Affectionately named by Peter after it's beautiful blood red color.) Technically our new juice recipe is called Prime Juice and it's taken from one of our new favorite books The Prime but I think I like our name better!

As you can see, we're packing this glass of juice full of veggies and fruits I would definitely not usually get in a single day.


Makes 1 serving

1 cucumber
1 apple
1 handful fresh spinach
1/4 head purple cabbage
1 carrot
1 beet
1 lemon
1 inch peeled fresh ginger

Chop the veggies to fit your juicer and drink immediately.



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