Friday, October 12, 2018


We've all seen the beautifully staged photos with the perfect amount of sun peeking through the window onto an open Bible. There is usually a steaming hot cup of coffee, a vase full of soft pink flowers, and maybe a cozy white blanket nearby. Paints a picture of the perfect morning doesn't it?

If your reality is like mine, that image looks nothing like a typical morning. Even when I get out of bed as early as I wish to, the true reality is that I stumble into the kitchen with a greasy face, my old yet trusty glasses, major bed head, and trust me when I say there's nothing picture worthy over here. I do start the coffee immediately, but I find myself scrolling through Facebook while the coffee brews. I stumble to the overstuffed recliner fully expecting to start my quiet time right away but either my mind doesn't know where to start and I just give up, or I instantly get distracted on my phone and before I know it I need to start packing the kids' lunches and waking everyone for school.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has wrestled with the habit of rising early to meet Jesus regularly and wanted to share with you my favorite tools and apps for Bible study. These are my current favorites for stopping the scroll and defeating the "I don't know where to even start" struggle.


I LOVE this app. When I first downloaded the Abide app I wasn't quite sure. Trust me when I say this is nothing like I was expecting. I begin my morning moments by turning on this app and listening to someone reading/praying over me. The Abide app guides people in Bible truth and personal reflection. I found this app so valuable that I used my birthday money to subscribe.

How do I use it? 
Abide has a new daily meditation/study each day on the home page. While I often will listen to these later, during my morning quiet time I head straight to TOPICS -> MORNING, and I'll select the STREAMING option and listen to a few prayers. There are SO many categories in the topics section to choose from but this is just where I always choose to start and it completely sets my mind and heart to be ready to start my quiet time.

Want to go a little more in-depth on this app? They have GUIDES that are like a daily short study to listen too. I've loved the 30 Day Prayer Challenge guide.

Side note - this doesn't relate to my mornings, but the SLEEP option is amazing. Abide has several Bible stories that are read to you quietly. I love turning these on for my kids when they are falling asleep at night.


Pretty much everyone knows about the YouVersion Bible app. In fact, I'm sure most of you have it installed on your phone right now. The daily verses, reading plans, and options to open different Bible versions with a single click are amazing.

This is the second part of my morning quiet time. Once I've listened to a couple prayers and set my mind on Christ, I open my study plan and my cheap spiral notebook. I have grown to really love writing out Scripture. If it seems overwhelming, start with a small book like Philippians or Ephesians. I like to use the LOVE GOD GREATLY plans as they have reading plans that take about a month to go through an entire book of the Bible. I write down the verses for the day in my notebook and use the accompanying devotions. This is a super easy way to get started when you don't know where to begin.

Give Scripture writing a try. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it!


Prayer is so critical to our walk with the Lord and staying connected to Him. The Echo prayer app has been an essential addition to my morning routine. This app will help you keep track of your prayers, gives you the ability to set reminders to pray throughout the day, and even has a way to share prayers with others. I often cut and paste prayers from the Scripture I'm writing or from devotionals I'm working through - prayers that I want to pray over myself or my family. I like to end my God time scrolling through the prayers and lists of people to pray for that I've saved in my app. Of course, this app isn't for just morning - how awesome that we take our phones with us everywhere we go, which means we have our Bible and prayer app with us at all times to open and use!

I filmed a Facebook Live video this week where I shared more about these Bible study tools and how I use them. You can watch it HERE. If you're curious about Hello Mornings, which is where this whole getting up early and spending time with Jesus got real for me, visit their website. You'll be glad you did!

What are your favorite tools for studying God's Word? I'd love to hear.



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