Friday, January 27, 2012

Exploring the Psalms

I look forward to Fridays now! I get to post what God has been teaching me this week. It's so good to look back on a week in the Word. I've been spending my morning quiet times in the Psalms doing Do Not Depart's study Run to Him. Psalm 4 was the psalm of the week. David cried out to God in distress "hear my prayer, O Lord, have mercy on me." Again and again David mentioned God hearing his prayers. I have a couple situations that I have been crying out to God for what feels like years and years, and I'm honestly weary of continuing on in my prayer. I was encouraged by David's cries to God that I should keep on. That God really is listening! Wednesday of this week one situation I'd been crying out to God about hit another dead end. What? Lord? Are you there? While I'm even being taught by you that you hear and answer? I struggled Wednesday. Then Thursday came and time to dig in deeper into this Psalm. Why should I? Is God really there? He must not care. These false thoughts flooded my heart and mind. I cracked open my Bible and prayed to God and fought through those discouraging thoughts. And God, like he always does, spoke to me. He is hearing me. He does love me. He does love my family and our situation that I've been bringing to his feet for years. So I am encouraged. I wait. I pray. I love my God. I'm not giving up. He doesn't want me to. I look forward to all that God will teach me as I lean even more on my Savior.

You can join me in this walk through the Psalms. Head over to Do Not Depart and download the Run to Him study guide!


  1. I'm right there with you! Sometimes it seems that every time I pray, it gets worse. Maybe that means God really is working. I'm sure it does, but I struggle to continue praying, knowing that life will get harder. This must be the way God is working on me to become less selfish. God is good all the time!