Thursday, January 26, 2012

How long do those household chores really take?

Have you ever timed your housework chores? I bet it takes less time than you think! I recently timed myself emptying the dishwasher. 5 MINUTES! That's all it took. After that I starting thinking about all the time I've spent complaining and avoiding emptying the dishwasher. FIVE MINUTES? I can afford that.

Another of my dreaded chores is putting away the laundry.  If you are like me, folded baskets of clean clothes sit by the couch, at the base of the stairs, at the top of the stairs, and in my bedroom before I put them away in the dresser!  Well...I timed myself today while I put away 1 basked.  It took me LESS than 5 minutes!  Alright, maybe I DO have time to put away a load of laundry today.

Homemakers Challenge


  1. Cool! Maybe I'll be more motivated to empty the dishwasher right away in the morning now. :)
    I love the concept of timing each small task! I keep trying, and I always forget to turn the timer on. LOL.
    I did manage to time myself doing a quick clean on the bathroom yesterday: 8 minutes. It was a bit difficult to keep track though, because I had to stop twice to help my 2 year old. Did I mention that I love being a mother? :)

    1. I have little ones distracting me too...but you're right, it's worth it! Hoping you get lots done today! I'm off to a slow start today with sickness in our house.