Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Pancakes

My middle two kids favorite meal is pancakes.  They want pancakes for breakfast.  They want pancakes for snack.  They want pancakes any time they can get them!  We've made up a new phrase in our house.  When Daniel (3) wants to snack on a pancake during the day he asks for "pancake like a cookie."  I guess the good thing is they're not necessarily going to leave crumbs all over my house like a real cookie would!

My favorite way to make pancakes is to put the batter into a squeeze condiment bottle.  I think I got mine for .99 at Walmart.  We make fun shapes and today we even spelled out the kids' names.  I'm going to get brave and show you my kitchen.  Before I started making pancakes this morning I was sitting at the table doing my morning devotions.  I looked at my clean kitchen and inside applauded myself for getting it so clean the night before after dinner.  Now, after making breakfast, it looks like this!

I guess it's time to get busy cleaning!  The smiles on my kids faces this morning with their own "name" pancakes were worth it.  What do you do to make meal time fun for your family?


  1. That's a wonderful idea! I've tried several times years ago to write with pancake batter, but without success. A condiment bottle... I'll be trying that! Thanks!