Thursday, March 29, 2012

Run to Him - Psalm 119: 129 - 144

Psalm 119:129 - 144

This week Run to Him had us spending the week in Psalm 119:129 - 144.  I am a list person and tend to fill my journal with lists of things I notice about God, his Word, etc.  Here's what I noticed this week.

God's Word:
Gives Light
Gives Understanding
Directs Our Footsteps

Words from the Psalmist:
I obey
I long for
Teach me
Redeem me
Direct me
Have mercy on me
I love your name
Your commands are my delight
Give me understanding that I may live

I wish I knew who this writer was.  What was his story?  How did he know God?  What brought him to a place a penning these heartfelt verses?  What did he do so long ago to know so much about God?  All I do know is I see his passion, love, and knowledge of our true and righteous God.


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