Friday, March 30, 2012

What's Really Important?

This week is Spring Break, and I’ve loved having the kids home from school.  Unfortunately the week has flown by!  I began the week with big plans.  I had a big list of spring cleaning and doing some extra housework.  Why not?  The kids are home, lets crank it out!  But then I began to look at it through their eyes.  This is a BREAK from the mundane of school.  What’s more important?  Getting the house squeaky clean?  Or being together, enjoying one another, and having some fun!  I’ve set my lofty goals aside, and even though we don’t have the money for a big vacation, we have had fun outside enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather, visited a park, went to the library, and even spent some time at the McDonalds play area. (Germ infested play area, I’m sure, but they had fun!)  The dirty baseboards will still be there next week.  I’ll get to it eventually!

I don’t want to not miss these moments with my kids while they are young.  I don’t want to be so distracted with the housework and time spent on the computer that I miss out on really listening to them and spending time together.  I fall short ALL the time.  I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes I hear them repeat “Mom, are you listening to me?”  OUCH!  No – I was distracted with facebook or blog reading.  Sorry honey, what did you say?  I don’t want to be that woman.  I want to give my kids my entire focus and love. 

So I’m shutting down the web browser.  I won’t fold another basket of laundry today.  We are going to enjoy today, and not miss any moments together!  Monday morning school will be here soon!


  1. Wonderful choice! I decided to make a habit of spending 15 minutes a day with my 2 year old, playing whatever he wants to. I find it hard to stop my lofty plans and fit this in, but it is so important! Way to go!