Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Goals

April Goals

Just last night I discovered the blog Biblical Homemaking.  I have loved browsing through Mandy's blog today. I was extremely inspired by her monthly goals that she posts and decided to take her lead and do the same.  Here are my April goals.

·                     Taxes :( 
·                     Reorganize pantry, including the kids art supplies (this scares me!)
·                     Work out 3 time a week (starting slow and trying to make a goal I can stick with)
·                     Accomplish 1 pin on Pinterest
·                     Ministry of Motherhood – Sally Clarkson
·                     Catching Fire (Book 2 of Hunger GamesJ )
·                     Memorize Romans 8:1-8
·                     A listener: truly listen to my kiddos when they talk to me.  I am ashamed to admit       frequently get distracted with the computer, etc. that I don’t stop to really listen!


  1. Good goals. I'll have to join you on that last one!
    Romans 8 is a fascinating chapter to memorize; now for the self disciple to live it!