Monday, April 2, 2012

Rolling Over

I'm learning that sometimes it's the little things.  Having a baby with development delays causes us to get excited about things I never got this excited about with my other kids.  Zachary's new glasses aren't the typical metal frames.  They're a pliable soft plastic that bends more around his face.  He's just discovering that maybe rolling over is a little easier now!  Today Zachary rolled over 3 times in just a few minutes!  Rolling over at almost 11 months old isn't usually an exciting achievement.  But for Zachary this is a big deal!  Just this morning I was asking our family in an email to pray that he would get strong enough to roll over and learn to sit.  What a blessing from God to see Zachary roll over this morning.  He's got a long road of doctor appointments and achievements ahead of him but I am praising GOD for the little achievement today!


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