Monday, May 21, 2012

9 - 9 Update

I haven't been online to update you on my 10 - 10 Challenge I joined in on with Mandy at Biblical Homemaking .  It has actually turned into a 9 - 9 challenge.  Those time just work better for me.  I allow myself a limited 30 minutes online after lunch when the kids are resting to check email and respond.  I can easily say this is one of the best choices I have made.  It has been hard at times, and I find myself needing grace to be online a bit more on the weekends during the down time or when I really need to get a project done for my church work.  I have found myself able to keep up with the housework more and have learned to see the moments in my day where I can sit and play, or color, or just hang together more with my kids.  I find myself reflecting more on my Bible study from the morning as my mind is not cluttered with facebook, twitter, etc. (Have you ever noticed how facebook fills your minds with everyone else's day?  Why do I need to know what they are doing all the time?  I'm preaching to myself here!)

After a couple weeks, this 9 - 9 challenge is not going away.  This is a new normal for me that I want to keep.  I'm beginning to see areas that I want to do better as a wife and mother.  Staying offline for 12 hours a day has given me this chance to SEE my days and SEE my family in a different life.

Thank you, Mandy, for the idea.  To help me become a step closer to who God wants me to be as a wife and mother.


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