Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remember my post a few days ago?  I was worn down and had no ounce of productivity in me.  Well, I now know why.  After I took my nap I woke up with a horrible horrible sore throat and my energy has gone downhill from there.  Yes, I caught my daughter's cold.  I've been resting way more than I ever do and taking apple cider vinegar pills trying to ward it off before it gets worse.  This is a holiday weekend, after all!  Thankfully I'm feeling a tad better this morning.  

I'm praying I get healthy, because I've been really looking forward to this weekend.  We are keeping my 3 nephews for last night and part of today and the kids have had so much fun with squirt guns.  I love those giggles and sounds of summer!  Monday is Memorial Day and we are headed up to our friends' house for a BBQ.  This is a sweet friend I've grown to know over the past year and a half.  Sadly it wasn't until they moved about an hour away that we really got to know each other.  I'm looking forward to just sitting and being together, watching the kids play and eat good food!

One thing I've learned through my sickness the past few days is I don't just sit and relax enough.  I need to sit and enjoy moments and refresh my soul.  Enjoy your weekend!


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