Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Truth About Grace book review

An online friend recently introduced me to a few great sites for reading and reviewing books.  I was super excited and only wondered why I hadn't heard of this opportunity before!  This was my first book to arrive and both my husband and I dove right into this one.  

The book The Truth About Grace by John MacArthur is a short moderately easy read and part of The Truth About series.  He divided grace into two parts: common grace and special grace.  He brought to light grace in ways I hadn’t thought about before.   This book is filled with Scripture, which I love.

I definitely recommend picking up this book.  It will make you think about and be grateful for the work Christ did on the cross for you and I.  My only qualm with this book is that Mr. MacArthur’s biggest theological debate always comes back to Lordship, and I feel that was an underlying in this book as well.  

I hope you pick it up and give it a try.  This would be a great book to work through as a small group and discuss together.  


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