Friday, June 1, 2012

Bowling - for free!

I was asked by one of the friends in my online Hello Mornings accountability group what the best and worst part of this week was.  The best came to mind quickly.  We joined the website Kids Bowl Free this summer and went for our first time yesterday.  (Kids bowl free allows each child 13 and younger to bowl 2 games free every day this summer.)  It was AWESOME!  This is the first summer where I have really noticed the large age span affecting our activities.  My oldest son who is 12 is not always eager to join in on some of the things my younger kids would like to do.  But this was fun for ALL!  I know we won't go every day like it offers (we still paid $7.50 total for shoe rental) but even once a week will be a nice activity to break up the mundane.  I didn't pay for myself to bowl - I sat with little Z and fed him his bottle and cheered the kids on.  They're already asking when we can go again.  The only drawback I saw is the deal isn't offered on the weekends and of course my husband is working every weekday.  Hopefully he'll be able to take a day off and join us sometime as the kids were already asking when daddy can come with us.

What activities have you found that are enjoyed by a wide range of ages?!  Any extra cheap ideas?


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