Monday, June 4, 2012

Goals for this week

Every week is different.  One week I am in my groove and the house stays super clean, I keep caught up on laundry, and my children behave.  I love those weeks.  Clean house and clean laundry make me happy!  But the reality is, those beautiful weeks can be followed up with a week where I don't have time or make time to clean the toilets or the shower, or even have the motivation to fold the laundry.  These weeks I find myself more irritable, less patient, distracted with internet and computer.  I'm learning I need to prioritize my time better and not get distracted by so many things.  I also get lazy some days.  It all comes down to how I spend my time.  Do I allow myself to sit and peek at facebook or twitter?  Or do I read a book to my 4 year old?  Do I how on my favorite blog?  Or do I fold and put away one basket of laundry?

Here's my time managing goals for this week to get what needs to be done, done - and also, in turn, allow time with my sweet kiddos who need time with Mommy this summer.  It's a day at a time for me.  One list a day.  I can do this!

  • Wake up early.  I need my time in the morning.  I need my coffee, Bible, and a notebook and my time with God before everyone rises.
  • Plan my day.  I will sit and plan my days this week.  When I plan ahead to do the laundry and clean the bathrooms I find I'm more likely to stay on track
  • Take a nap.  With early rising, I've found I MUST rest for 30 minutes.  If not, mommy is GRUMPY by dinner time! :)  
  • Stay offline.  I was lazy and lax last week with my 9 - 9 challenge.  I will, a day at a time, work on staying offline between the hours of 9:00am - 9:00pm.  This is hard for me but a true game changer when it comes to being available for my kids and home.
  • Play.  My kids need me this summer.  The days and years go fast.  I'm going to try to stick on schedule and keep up with the housework but also create space for just being together.  Playing. For us this week it's going to be early afternoons of playing together, and I've set aside Thursdays as a day of fun as well.  For me this needs to typically be out of the house time.  I get distracted and start mopping when we should be playing or running around!  So bowling, trips to the park, these are Thursday fun.



  1. I am now an empty-nester, so I don't have the same demands on my time I once did, but this is a really wise way of scheduling yourself. I'm sure that if I were blogging when my kids were small (there was no such thing as blogging then), I'd be constantly tempted to break that 9-9 rule.
    God bless you,
    Gail @1-Minute