Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My husband annoys me...

My husband annoys me.  There.  I said it.  He has a habit that drives me NUTS!  My attitude for years has been that when he does his annoying habit I must stop him, and I sit and stew and get angry inside.  For example - if it happens while we're watching TV I don't say anything but I get so annoyed, angry and start stewing inside, sometimes glancing or starting at him until he stops.  Immature on my part, I know!  Now let me tell you it's a truly harmless habit & nobody probably notices but me, but I've let it eat me alive.

I've been really convicted as I study Proverbs 31 that maybe I'm the one with the problem!  If it's not a big deal, why am I making it a big deal and letting my attitude and annoyance ruin my evening?  So here's what I've been doing.  Instead of getting angry, when I see him do his harmless habit I come up with one thing I am thankful for about him and I say a little silent thanksgiving prayer to God.  Let me tell you...this has changed my mindset COMPLETELY!  I say this not to brag or boast about my new attitude but to tell you IT WORKS and to suggest you try it.  What does your hubby do that drive you crazy?  That little tick that drives you nuts? Take that moment to thank God for him and it will completely change your outlook at that very moment.  And realize we probably have habits that drive them nuts too! :)


  1. My husband annoys me too! Sometimes I just need to go into the bedroom to so I can't see him. I love him to death and he is the best but sometimes, I need a break.

  2. "Come up with one thing I am thankful for about him and I say a little silent thanksgiving prayer to God" That is so beautiful and right on! What a wonderful way to give the power back to the Spirit and turn away from our flesh.

    My husband has been sick with an incurable autoimmune disease for nearly 3 months now and his health continues to decline. We pray for a miracle and are trusting God for health. I long for a time when we can live normally but right now little annoyances and the small things that no longer matter will never look the same again to me. Ladies I encourage you to keep praising God that you can be "annoyed" by your husband, that he is healthy and able to function, and that God would give provide such a wonderful gift for you :)

    Blessings! Carly @ ryandcar.blogspot.com