Friday, June 8, 2012

Answered Prayer

GOD showed up big time this week.  I have been terrified of this month for weeks.  I am a piano teacher and we rely heavily on my piano income to make ends meet.  Since it's summertime I have several students that are taking the summer completely off of lessons and an additional few who are taking the month of June off.  I've been praying hard that God would take care of us in June.  It's been a tight week & will continue to be, but on TUESDAY in my morning quiet time I specifically asked God if he would bring me one new student.

Well, not only did he bring one that day, he brought THREE! 

First it was a mom who brought her daughter to lesson & came in to ask if her other daughter could start lessons next week!  Then I was blown away when I received an email at the end of the same day from a friend who wanted her kids to start this Friday!  That means another paycheck today!  There is no denying that God cares about us, hears our prayers, and makes it evident he's up to good in our lives.  I'm grateful that this week's bills will be met and that GOD is in control, not me!


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