Saturday, June 9, 2012


Saturdays.  The thought of a Saturday morning make me smile.  Today won't necessarily bring a slow pace.  The to-do list is extra long.  Piles of laundry and unwashed dishes await me.  But I'm ready.  My Saturdays start off the same as any other day.  Rise early, feed the baby a bottle, turn on the sprinkler, brew a cup of coffee, and sit on the couch with my Bible, notebook, and computer.  But after quiet time with God I take some extra time to read from the overflowing unread blogs on Google Reader before breakfast is made.  I sit and can hear cartoons in the family room while the kiddos curl up in blankets on the couch.  Baby Z is fed and playing quietly on the floor.  Lots to do, but I love the slower pace of today.  I will be exhausted by lunch time but hopefully the house will be cleaner.  Later in the afternoon I hope to focus on my family.  We'll head outside and the kids will play on their bikes, scooters, and I'll enjoy a Saturday read.  Or maybe a trip to the YMCA for a family swim.  We finish our Saturday by going to church.  One of my favorite parts of the week.  My husband works during the Sunday church services so this is our chance to attend and worship together.  I'm grateful for the change from ordinary that Saturdays bring.  Still busy, but different.  Maybe because I know that once the to-do list is done and everything is in order, Sunday is coming!  And I love Sundays!  But that's for another post another day.

Enjoy your family and the change of pace your Saturday may bring.



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