Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I look back on the past year and I feel like it's been a whirlwind. A year ago I was anxiously awaiting Zachary's birth, and this Friday it will be my sweet boy's 1st birthday! I feel like the past week (or lets be honest...the past 9 months) has been the game of waiting. We are still waiting for Zachary's blood tests from a week and a half ago to come back, and we're waiting for answers to Zachary's health. I'm waiting for my boy to learn to sit. I'm waiting for all the normal milestones for a 12 month old that seem so in the unreachable distance. I'm waiting on a couple big prayer requests that I've been bringing to the throne of God for several years.

So what to do while I wait? I'll be honest, a lot of times I get down. I cry. I get grumpy and snap at my kids. I worry. I compare my little boy's developments to others. I know this isn't the right reaction, but it's what comes natural. I'm trying to replace my worries with words of thankfulness to God for what he's done already and lifting up a prayer to Him of how I'm feeling. I'm trying really hard to do this, but it's not easy! I do know from experience that when I do this - it totally changes my emotions and perspective.

So the waiting game continues. I am looking forward to the day these are all a glimpse in the rear view mirror!


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