Sunday, April 29, 2012

Choosing Sabbath

I am choosing to change my day.  Today I am stopping and resting.  Today I am putting God and my family first.  I find myself even on the weekends putting housework above my family.  I can be such a perfectionist that it cleaning and stressing about it consumes my entire day.  We attend church on Saturday nights and then on Sundays my husband works at both services.  So I "could" have the entire morning to let the kiddos watch TV and I could clean and do laundry.  That's what I did last week and I admit, it was nice!

But instead we are going to leave the house for the morning with library books in hand.  The 4 of us are going to sit and sip at Panera and spend time reading books together and talking.  I don't know how long my 4 yr. old and 11 month old will last.  But then we'll walk the nearby shops.  I need to learn to relax, rest, and take a Sabbath from the normal routines and chores.