Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big News on Father's Day

It is going to be a summer of newness for our family and I am beside myself excited.  Six years ago when we were resigning from my husbands Associate Pastor job in Michigan, I began to pray for a children's ministry position for my him at our home church in Colorado.  We moved back here and began our lives all over again picking up the pieces of our broken hearts and frustrated minds after a very difficult ministry.  Six years later and several failed ministry job interviews later GOD has finally opened an amazing door or opportunity for my husband.  This time we weren't he ones looking for the job and applying.  People have been watching him, met about him, and asked him to interview for a position they were making.  Four days ago he was offered the job and accepted it.  I look back and ask God why it took so long.  Amidst my excitement I've asked that question quite a bit in the past few days.  But I see it now.  God was preparing the way this entire time.  Preparing my husband for this.  Changing the ministry into what it is today where now it is a perfect fit for him.  Five years or even just one year ago, it wasn't the perfect fit yet.  Dreams and prayers opened up for him at just the right time and we are beside ourselves excited.  It won't be easy.  Learning the ropes of working in a very large church will be a brand new experience and bring new challenges.  I feel he's really going to have to prove himself along the way.  But God opened a door and we are walking through it, knowing God paved the way and is doing something new.  

On this Father's Day I'm so grateful for my husband and the father he is to my 4 kiddos.  For the gifts and talents that God has given him, and for a new opportunity to use those on a full time basis to reach kids.  I'm thankful for the new joy I've seen in him and with a prayerful heart look forward to what God will do through this new chapter of our story that God is writing.


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