Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Plan - July 23, 2012

Because my husband was in between jobs and pay periods (he has a new job at our church that we are extremely excited about) we had 2 1/2 weeks without a paycheck. OUCH!  We survived, barely, but it was SO NICE to be able to menu plan and actually grocery shop on Friday.  I'd exhausted every option of food in the pantry.  Even all the beans and rice were gone!  I'm still pinching pennies until we get a full 2-week paycheck, but we'll get there.

Here's what we are eating this week.  I found a webpage that had a bunch of good looking slow cooker meals and with the HOT weather I'm happy to try them out and not turn on the oven.  Because of that, several of these links are to the same web page, just scroll down to find it!

Monday - Greek Chicken Pita Folds

Tuesday - Pesto Chicken

Wednesday - Country Style BBQ Ribs (using pork ribs instead of beef because of a great sale!)

Thursday - Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps

Friday - Slow Cooked Kalua Pork (SO excited to try this one - it looks YUMMY!)

Saturday - Tuna Sauce on Rice (Our quick, cheap favorite go-to.  It's simply a white sauce with tuna added, thrown in some lemon pepper and serve over rice)

Sunday - Grilled chicken thighs, corn on the cob, grilled potatoes

That's the plan!  So happy to be back menu planning again. It really takes a certain stress out of the week.  I am SO EXCITED to explore two new cookbooks.  A piano students family gave me both of Pioneer Woman's cookbooks and I am excited to try them out.  Her food is always amazing!  I hope to menu plan from those in the weeks to come.  :)


  1. Let me know which recipes you try out of the books and if you like them! I'm anxious to try more recipes too! Loving reading your blog, Jessica. :D

    1. Thanks Kelly! What was the name of the Asian salad dish you made at Woodmen Heights two weeks ago?

    2. It was Asian Noodle Salad. Found it on Pioneer Woman's website.....didn't see it in her cookbooks. Go to the cooking section of her site and do a search and then you can print out the recipe if you like!
      Sorry for the dulplicate comment....didn't know if It went through. :0D

  2. Am anxious to try more recipes too!
    Let me know if you try any that you like!
    Am loving reading your blog!