Monday, July 23, 2012

Neurology Visit

Last week we had an appointment with Zachary's very first doctor we saw at the Children's Hospital.  He's a very sweet older doctor who works in the Neurology clinic.  The last time we saw him Zachary was so so tiny and couldn't hold up his head at all.  Even though it's been 9 or 10 months and it's very evident how far behind developmentally Zachary is, the doctor was not concerned at this point.  Well, not concerned enough to try more testing.  Since Zachary has improved and is not regressing, we are on hold for now.  He said there will probably be more brain MRI's in the future and more visits back in the muscle clinic, but for now keep on with what we're doing.  He said it's more common than we'd think for people to have no diagnosis at all.  Or as I call it, Zachary has the doctors stumped.  I was happy with this visit.  They were pleased with his progress, and we didn't have to endure more blood being drawn or face more tests at this point.

I drop to my knees and pray.  I regularly pray for Zachary to gain the desire, ability, and strength to learn to sit, and someday put weight on those skinny legs.  I pray that he continues to surprise the doctors and even if it's super late on the typical developmental timeline to make new milestones of his own each doctor visit.

I keep running into people who tell me how delayed their child was, and now you would never know there was a problem.  Oh how I pray this is the case.  I don't know if God is bringing me people like this to calm my heart for now before we get a diagnosis, or if this is just the way Zachary will be too.  I have a hard time really believing there's nothing wrong.  He's just so far behind now.  But maybe.  Oh how the waiting seems long! I want so badly to see a glimpse of his life in the future.  Does he learn to walk?  Talk? Sit?

None the less, I am very grateful for an quick and positive hospital visit last week and look forward to what God is doing in Zachary's body and in our hearts as well as we walk this crazy journey.

My eyes are ever on the Lord,


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