Friday, July 13, 2012

Some days are harder than others

I haven't been very strong this week.  I feel like I have stayed pretty level headed through our struggles with Zachary. I've found it way easier to not compare him to other kids than I expected.  But for some reason I have been frustrated this week.  Frustrated that my 14 month old cannot sit up.  Frustrated that I am still spoon feeding my 14 month old pureed foods.  Frustrated that I'm frustrated.  It's probably normal, but I feel like I shouldn't feel this way.

So I pray today for strength, patience, and extra amounts of love for my sweet Zachary.  I cling to the truths in God's Word that God knows what's going on in Zachary's body.  And I pray for miraculous healing and improvements when my faith seems so empty.

My eyes are ever on the LORD,


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