Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Mornings

I've talked about this a lot, but I just can't stop!  The VERY BEST thing I have ever done for myself is join a Hello Mornings group.  In the past I've started and stopped more Bible studies or quiet time routines that I'd be able to count.  I'm good and starting something and not finishing.  I always knew how important my time with God was, I just wasn't good at forming the habit.  I think the reason I am so passionate about Hello Mornings is that I have finally formed at habit!  It works, its possible, and my relationship with God has never been like this.  When you join a Hello Mornings group - you are assigned a group according to your time zone and you realize you are not alone.  Alongside new friends we encourage one another to get up and get moving - to be the best mom, wife, Christ follower we can be for today!

I'd love to have you join the journey.  I joined a Hello Mornings group almost a year ago now and committed to rising early (For everyone the time is different.  For me its 5:30.), planning my days, and exercising more.  I don't exercise in the morning, but it goes into my plan for the day - which usually happens in the evening when my whole family goes to the YMCA.  I usually have baby Z here on the couch with me or on the floor nearby so I'm interrupted at least once to feed him his bottle.  Daniel (4) also tends to make an appearance, but that's okay!  What an example I'm setting for him to see his mommy on the couch with her Bible open.  I usually let him sit by me and read a book or let him watch a carton while I finish up.

My biggest challenge is to not get drawn into facebook or twitter while I'm up early.  I always log into facebook and greet my other hello mornings friends in my group.  But the draw to check out other friends statuses, photos they uploaded etc. is super tempting!  I'm trying to remember that's what is NOT important!   I'm working on this...I get distracted easily by technology. 

I hope you'll join too! Visit Inspired To Action to find out more.


  1. I totally understand on technology! I love connecting on Facebook. Best thing that I've learned is not to open it until my devos are all done and I do my online Bible study things (of course, there are days that I flaunder, but thankfully, each day is a growing process for me!)

    This will be my first Hello Mornings session and I can't wait! As a leader, it is so fun to be that leading example!

    Prayed for you today!


  2. I completely know what you mean with being really good at starting and stopping something...looking forward to joining this challenge and having the accountibility (and giving it) to continue on and build up my morning mommy time.

  3. "I'm good and starting something and not finishing. I always knew how important my time with God was, I just wasn't good at forming the habit." This describes me, too! I am hoping and praying that by joining HelloMornings Challenge will motivate, encourage and help me to finish well with God! Praying for you, too!

    1. I think we all have the desire it's the strength to keep on and the motivation that's lacking. Praying for you!

  4. I can relate to so much of what you are saying! I know the starting and not finishing, and the facebook challenge as well! Knowing we have that particular issue, being convicted by it, will help us eventually get past it! Just have to remember where the MOST important connection is...between us and God...and not facebook! :) Hugs and prayers for your Hello Mornings time!

  5. That's SO awesome! I love that it's become a habit now. I'm thrilled you're part of the Challenge and encouraging others in the journey! Praying God's blessing on you and your family.

  6. So happy you are joining the Challenge! I will be praying that your Quiet Time is blessed and you find courage and strength to be self-disciplined with your FB time. I have to be very intentional about my Tweet Time, and usually end with 'Tweet time's up for today!' more as a reminder for myself than any of my tweet friends. :)