Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Will Exalt

I'm playing keys this weekend for church and in preparation, the lyrics of this song have really spoken to me.  Usually I'm listening super close to the mp3 and the band/keys part as I prepare.  But in my morning quiet time today I decided to focus on the words.  Novel idea, I know!  Ha!  Don't judge, I normally focus on the words later - during ALL the services! :) Anyway, I wanted to quick share the lyrics with you.  This is such the cry of my heart.

I Will Exalt
Your presence is all I need,
It's all I want, all I seek
Without it, without it there's no meaning
Your presence is the air I breathe,
The song I sing, the love I need
Without it, without it I'm not living

I will exalt You, Lord, I will exalt You, Lord
There is no one like You God
I will exalt You, Lord, I will exalt You, Lord
No other name be lifted high

There will be no one like You
And no one beside You
You alone are worthy of all praise

She starts the song about 1 min. into it.

My eyes are ever on the Lord,


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