Monday, September 10, 2012

My One and Only Goal This Week

I have a library book sitting on my end table called The Five Love Languages of Children.  I haven't read it yet, and the due date is approaching.  But tonight I realized I don't necessarily need to read it right now.  My daughter's love language of Quality Time popped it's head a few times this weekend. Talk about making a mom feel bad.  This is what she said at bedtime tonight.  "Mommy, sometime can you and I play with my toys together just the two of us?  When you're not busy with the little boys?"  Talk about twisting a knife in my chest.  Ouch!  Okay, I hear her.  Loud and clear.  I admit it.  Mommy gets busy.  Mommy is easily distracted. Mommy has to teach a lot of piano lessons to attempt to help pay all of the bills.  But this mommy, amidst all of my other responsibilities of the week, is setting one goal.

*Spend time with daughter.  Play together.

She doesn't need me to even spend money on her.  She just wants time and attention.  Of course I will.  And I'm sorry I don't do it as much as I should.


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