Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thankful For the Crumbs

I look back at a week ago and Zachary has two new huge accomplishments for me to share with you!  In actually a matter of 5 days Zachary learned to roll over and feed himself.  Roll over. Everywhere. Not just once and get stuck, but we're talking using all those weak muscles to roll all the way across the room.  Fast!  We are SO proud of him and still watch in awe.  He also has learned to put food in his mouth.  Sounds like a normal thing to do, but we (including his therapists) have been having trouble getting him to use his hands to put anything, food or toys, into his mouth.  This means I've been spoon feeding him for 10 months now - since he started his first rice cereal at 6 months old.  I never thought I'd praise God for crumbs all over the floor, but now when I clean up around his high chair I see a miracle and I'm thankful for the crumbs.  Many times in the past weeks I have been discouraged that I wasn't seeing any progress in my boy.  And now, however late on the timeline they came, he has two new skills that I want to shout about from the mountain tops!  GOD is working in my boy and I'm truly a proud mommy.


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